A Rough Start With A Beautiful Ending

When I began high school I was determined to show the world more of who I was as a person, something I hid away from everyone since I was little. With the only friends I had going in different directions than I was, I found myself on my own at the start of high school. I planned to make the most of my fresh start, but little did I realize what the future held in store for me. In my first two years of high school I discovered some very sad and harsh truths behind many of the people I was surrounded by. I had to face the cruel reality that the people I called my friends weren’t really my friends. My generosity was exploited and I unknowingly let people step all over me and take complete advantage of me. Favor after favor with no appreciation for how much I cared about the people I was around. I was always there whenever someone needed me, but no one was ever there for me when I needed someone. It was a frightening revelation to know that people I knew for most of my life could treat me so badly. I felt trapped because I had attended the same school for ten years, I was terrified to leave a place I was so bound to. I asked myself “what will I do if it’s not better somewhere else? As scared as I was, I knew that leaving was something I had to do. I walked away and never looked back as I made the hardest decision of my life. My parents proposed that I go to my brother’s old high school: Yeshiva Ner Eliezer. Knowing my brother came out with a positive experience from the school, I decided I’d finish my last half of high school there. It was the best decision I had ever made. I met a very diverse group of kids, all very unique in their own ways. They all, however, shared one thing in common……. kind, loving hearts. Everyone welcomed me in so warmly
and for once I felt truly wanted. Such adoration I had not seen before.
The school felt like a family because everyone got along with one
another and liked each other so well. The principal and teachers were
also marvelous because they truly cared about me and all their students
as if we were their own children. Everything felt unreal because I
couldn’t grasp how loved I felt from people I barely knew. I never
wanted to miss a day of school because I loved coming in to such a cherishing atmosphere.
As I write this, I look back at how fond my
junior year was in Yeshiva Ner Eliezer and how sad I am to be
graduating because I’ll miss it all so much. There’s a special place in my
heart for this school and everyone in it. This school is my second home
and I cannot thank it enough for everything it’s done for me. It took me
when I had nothing ….. and gave me everything.

By: David