Who We Are

Yeshiva Ner Eliezer, a middle and high school for boys, focuses on every student’s unique interests, talents, and needs. Our personalized programs motivate each boy to maximize his own powerful potentials. Our dedicated staff coaches and encourages the students as they grow into the adults they are meant to become. It’s working.

What We Do

 Ner Eliezer’s student body is diverse, ranging from boys who have not found their place in mainstream Yeshivas to beginners coming from public school.  In a warm, friendly and interesting atmosphere, we provide them with a Torah education, NYS Regents approved curriculum, trips, guest speakers, science and social studies fairs, sports programs and enrichment programs.

What Our Students Accomplish

Our students, past and present, pass Regents and many pursue higher degrees in colleges and universities such as Columbia, NYU, Yeshiva University and those in the CUNY and SUNY system. Others students choose a trade school track and go into business.

Many students choose to dedicate a year post high school to learn in Israel and upon their return continue to devote themselves to learning in Yeshivas such as the MIR, Torah V’Das and Derech Chaim. 

Our Results

Most importantly, our students take their rightful places as functioning members of their respective Jewish communities.